Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guilt By Association?

In the course of Slatester Tim Noah's attack on Chris DeMuth and AEI, he attempts to tar the Weekly Standard by noting:

The leading neoconservative publication, the Weekly Standard, argued forcefully for deploying troops to topple Saddam (though subsequently it's had more than a few quarrels with the Pentagon's conduct of the war). The Standard is a division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., not AEI … but its office is in the AEI building

This might be the laziest attempt at short-hand I've ever seen. You know what other print publication used to have an office in the AEI building? Slate! It's true! The Slate staff even had access to AEI's famous dining facilities. I once had lunch there with David Plotz and Frank Foer, back in the day. Their neoconservative ties are now undeniable!


Dave S. said...

That means that the Microsoft Learning Center there is also a neocon front, then. Man, you guys are everywhere. I don't think I can wear my Microsoft Knowledge Certification pin anymore after this. Not with any pride, at least.

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't there a parking garage in your building, too? And maybe a coffee shop? Probably run but a bunch of stinking neocons.