Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Matchless Genius of Matt Labash

If you didn't go yesterday, you're only hurting yourself, baby. Today Labash mounts a credible case for theism based on Angie Harmon.

So hot.

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Anonymous said...

Night before last, I read Mr. Labash's intriguing argument. Noting the place occupied in it by Ms. Harmon (by her legs in particular), and only dimly recalling this body of evidence from episodes of "Law and Order," where it was not prominently featured, I betook myself to imdb to refresh my memory. Pix from "Agent Cody Banks" seemed at first to bear Mr. Labash's argument out, but the legs in question were sheathed in what appeared to be a leather jumpsuit, and photos providing an unimpeded view suggested that Ms. Harmon's legs might be a slender pair of reeds on which to found the theistic hypothesis; her gaunt appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel" later the same evening confirmed this suspicion. I am now at work on reformulating Mr. Labash's argument to include as evidence Emma Peel, Raquel Welch's movies of the 60s, Heather Thomas's bikini in "Fall Guy," and Erika Eleniak's season on Baywatch (unequalled, in my judgment, by anyone else's). I expect the Babelicious Argument (a sixth way to add to St Thomas's five) to appear in a forthcoming issue of First Things -- the first ever with a centerfold. Thus does philosophy advance.