Tuesday, October 16, 2007

There's only one Rocktober!

The Baseball Crank has a little bit on the Rockies' impossible run, but I'd like to see more from him. Do the Rockies need to win the World Series, or does what they've done already count as the greatest streak in baseball history?

Bonus: Can we now get the idiots at ESPN (particularly Golic and Greenberg) to stop mouthing the mantra that "momentum is tomorrow's starting pitching"?


Anonymous said...

The greatest streak in baseball was, is, and always will be the Red Sox's eight-game winning streak against the Yankees and Cardninals in the 2004 playoffs and series. The Sox started it in a three-game hole against the Yankees.

You're a asshole for even suggesting that a little streak against the "Diamondbacks" and whoever-else-the-Rockies-beat-in-the-playoffs somehow compares to the 2003 streak, a feat unmatched in all of human history. And their Rockies' September record hardly counts for anything, given that it was played against National League teams. They might as well go take on the 2006 Little League World Series champs, with Jennie Finch on the mound.

Oclarki said...

I remember when the entire nation rooted for the underdog, cursed Red Sox...until we figured out that Red Sox fans are total douches.

Anonymous said...

If by "douches" you meant "all up in oclarki's mom's whatnot," then yeah, that's us.

Oclarki said...

Your honor I rest my case! Masshole nation speaks.