Monday, December 13, 2004

Don't Question This Man's Patriotism!

Whatever you do, don't you dare question Robert Jensen's patriotism. He loves America just as much as any red-neck, homophobic yahoo who has a "traditional" view of patriotism.

Just because Professor Jensen says:

* "The United States has lost the war in Iraq, and that's a good thing. . . ."

* "as a U.S. citizen, I welcome the U.S. defeat . . ."

* "When we admit defeat and pull out -- not if, but when -- the fate of Iraqis will depend in part on whether the United States makes good on legal and moral obligations to pay reparations and allows international institutions to aid in creating a truly sovereign Iraq. . . ."

* "The planet's resources do not belong to the United States. The century is not America's. We own neither the world nor time. And if we don't give up the quest--if we don't find our place in the world instead of on top of the world--there is little hope for a safe, sane and sustainable future."

Keep your neocon grumbling to yourself; this man is a patriot!


Bizarro Jack said...

Of course he loves america. I disagree that Iraq is an unjust conflict, and I also disagree that we will lose (well, hopefully we will succeed in our goals, but failing to reshape Iraq is hardly a "defeat," as such).

But yes, loving america, how could you not love a place that can make these sorts of "mistakes" (as he would characterize them) but still have so much hope for the future? Every four years we get to pick a new jackass to run things.

I don't like the way you characterize his statements though. Clearly he is not celebrating American deaths, in fact, as he sees it, there would be less death if we simply conceded that the goals were unattainable, packed our bags and left.

You can't just play stupid and say that he wants americans to die or wants America as a civilization to fail; While he is wrong about how things work in the world, I still don't think that he is necessarily acting against american interests.

Note that I am only going by your quotes, I couldnt bring up the site without registering and it sounds like he's a bit of a crackpot anyway. A crackpot, yes, but a crackpot who loves america and doesnt want to see people die in a war he thinks is pointless.

Westmont said...

Good grief!! The only thing more shocking than Jensens comments are the bizarre comments by Bizzaro Jack. Talk about nuance. Jensen needs time on the couch with the rest of the post election trauma lefties.