Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Stop Him, Before He Swings Again!

While this shot is glancing, it betrays a sense--for the first time, really--that this Kaus-Sullivan fight may be the real deal. Kaus writes: "Andrew Sullivan goes on vacation and his blog gets better! . . ."

Don't forget: Truth is no defense against charges of stoking a feud. If you are, like me, a great admirer of these two blog-heroes, it's hard to think of anything which could be more satisfying. A real, lasting Kaus-Sullivan grudge-match? It's like Christmas! [What's with all the exclamation marks--do you need more quality time with Strunk and White? --ed The payoffs on this blog are buried so deep that you need to parse the punctuation to find them all.]


LL said...

Sullivan v. Kaus is like a Louisiana hog-dog fight. Pit-bulls v. feral and domesticated pigs. I vote for the dogs (Kaus).

Jeremy said...

Andrew Sullivan is British. While we have an image of Brits being stoic and stubborn, in reality, they tend to be somewhat hysterical, very excitable. Especially their press.