Monday, December 13, 2004

While I've got my annoying, artsy-fartsy writer's hat on, let me hollar about Maureen Dowd's unbelievable excuse for a column yesterday. Again, this has nothing to do with politics: But Gail Collins should be ashamed of herself for letting this see the light of day.

As penance, Dowd should get the May 1999 issue of Esquire and read Tom Junod's profile of Lil' Bow Wow, which is written--all several thousands words of it--in verse. It might shame her into actually trying.


Anonymous said...

He don't even look like a rapper, 'cept around his neck
there's a medallion so heavy, it drags his head to the deck.
It's made out of platinum and specially mounted
with 131 diamonds. (Bow Wow's mother knows: She counted.)

Grumpy Old Man said...

My mother told me not to say anything unless I can say something nice. So as for MauDo, no comment.

Frank Rich is insufferable, but at least he can write.