Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Keep The Led In

Actually, Vic, I like the new Cadillac ads. Several years into a very positive design trend for American cars, classics like Mustang and Cadillac are finally rediscovering their inner hot rod. (By the way, have you seen the new Mustang? Wowzers! But I don’t go for that corny Steve McQueen cut-and-past job of a commercial they’re rolling. Such gimmicks are unworthy.)

As for the music, it makes sense to return to the rock and roll that thrilled today’s potential buyers as young men. I don’t think the guys who lusted as teenagers for Shelby G.T.s and Mach Is were listening to much folk music. Besides, what kind of music does Scorcese have playing in Goodfellas as the camera rises on the grill of Frankie Carbone’s pink Cadillac? It ain’t jazz, bep.

Your real problem is this: You think Led Zeppelin is cool, but Cadillacs are not. I used to think the same way, being also from a neighborhood where if you drove a Cadillac, you were almost certainly what we’d call a tough guy. But when I look at the new V series, all I see is a beautiful car.

Funny, I didn’t realize Cadillac’s new motto is "Silence the Sterotypes." Perfect.

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