Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hollywood misc.

Galley friend CS just told me about this intriguing ABC Primetime Live segment that ran last Thursday. Basically a softy promo job for the upcoming release of Ocean’s Twelve, it had a couple of very revealing exchanges with the cast.

Andy Garcia on Cuba:

"DIANE SAWYER: (Voice Over) And finally, there's Andy Garcia. He, too, from a loving family but with a searing memory. His father was a wealthy businessman in Cuba, who lost everything under Fidel Castro and was forced to flee to the US. The family, with three children, had to live in a one- bedroom apartment, everything else left behind in Cuba.

"ANDY GARCIA:Part of the thing when you left there was they took everything off of you, you know. I remember specifically, my sister had a -this gold rings on her hand. And she had grown into them and they couldn't get them off her hand. And as a child, I just remember this image of this -going through and these people are dressed in militia uniforms and beards and there's guns everywhere. And they were trying to get this thing off her hand before letting her through. I'm going, "'oh, my God. They're going to cut her hand off.'"

How refreshing to hear from a Hollywooder with serious credentials on Cuba. Take that Oliver Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Danny Glover, and, well, all the rest of them. Here’s the other worthwhile exchange.

Matt Damon on George Bush:

"DIANE SAWYER: In the last election, [Brad] Pitt, [Matt] Damon, [George] Clooney and [Don] Cheadle, openly supported John Kerry. And Damon says, that was going to cost them millions, since Kerry would raise taxes on the rich.

"MATT DAMON: This President is giving me millions of dollars. Do you think I need that? Voting for John Kerry was financially the stupidest thing that we could do, you know. And it was worth it to us because we felt that strongly about the difference that he would have made to the country."

Bragging about your wealth in an effort to show how politically virtuous you are. How gauche!


Bizarro Jack said...

"Bragging about your wealth in an effort to show how politically virtuous you are. How gauche!"

Come on, that's a totally pathetic jab. They are saying they want to pay higher taxes, taxes that are spent on services to their fellow citizens, delivered in a way that only the government could. It's hardly bragging, especially considering that their salaries are already reported routinely via entertainment magazines, it's altruistic.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Bizarro!

If they want to send more money to the Gov't, all they have to do is send it in.

Nothing stopping them. They can contribute as much of their paycheck as they feel they should.

But how many of them actually do?

No, they want the rest of us to pay more.

Forgive me for declining their generous offer.


Lawjedi said...

Gauche indeed. Also a bit hypocritical. These celebrities will not notice the evaporation of their income like middle America will.

Note to Matt Damon and company: not all of us make what you do, and a tax increase WOULD affect our take home and our standard of living.

The solution is for the super rich limousine liberal class to voluntarily contribute what they think is fair from their own wallets. But given that John Kerry and his billionaire wife who had the option of paying more, but chose to keep their money offshore and shelter what they had here, to the point that they have recently paid at a rate lower than most middle class families, its unlikely that other rich liberals will do any differently.