Tuesday, December 21, 2004

For Vic

A lot of smart people have been picking Oral Roberts to be a Sweet Sixteen team this year. So it's no shame that the mighty Hoyas lost a squeaker to them last night. You can already tell that this Thompson kid is going to work out just fine.

What rocks!?!


Anonymous said...

ORU -- coached by a Sutton.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Sutton has basketball in his blood. Another Oklahoma team rises to the top!!! The folks on South Lewis Avenue are very proud of Eddie's boy. OU rocks the football world, and OSU, with Coach Sutton, is a perennial powerhouse in round ball.

Ah, to have our OU Sooner red staters whip those blue state boys from Southern Cal-ee-for-nyah and then have OSU and Oral Roberts make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

My man GWB won first place in my trifecta, now I need OU to win the national championship and the Eagles to win the Super Bowl and my year would be complete.


Anonymous said...

Is Vic an ORU almuni?