Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Kos, Geraghty, and Fraternity

Soxblog has a fantastic post on a strange bit of blogospheric glasnost.

The motivation behind the post is that Soxblog thinks Jim Geraghty is passing out kudos to Daily Kos undeservingly, but the best stuff is Soxblog's deep reading of Kos:

"After reading [Kos] closely for a few months I no longer have the same impression of him that I initially had or that many conservatives still have. I’ve decided that Kos is in many ways a left wing internet version of Rush Limbaugh. Rush is first and foremost an entertainer. While I think he believes his own stuff, ideology is a distant priority compared to Rush’s number one task--shrewdly creating and maintaining a media empire. Rush has an audience he has to please, and please it he does. I think the same can be said of Kos."

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