Monday, November 28, 2005

Best Evs

I don't like to give out too many private details on this blog--I don't think I've ever mentioned, for example, the name of my dog. Or told you how old my son is. The reason isn't because I'm trying to preserve the mystery--it's because you don't care. And if you do care, you shouldn't.

But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'd like to share something personal: I have come to believe that Brendon Donnelly is the second coming of P.J. O'Rourke, Conan O'Brian, and Owen Wilson, all rolled into one. And I love him.

Don't believe me? Check:
RnB superstar Usher is said to be so smitten with Rachel McAdams after seeing her in the Notebook, he is saying he would love to work with her, and even has a project in mind.

"She has such great energy on camera, it's ridiculous - it just pops off the screen. I'd love to do a period piece with her."

I'm not positive Usher has really thought this all the way through. A period piece about an interracial couple might not end the way he's hoping. For him. Unless he means a future period, where the world has healed its racial divide and theres one global government and we all wear jumpsuits and none of the doors have hinges.

Will someone just pick up one of his spec scripts already? This guy is the biggest talent on the Internet.


Anonymous said...

When are you just going to come out of the closet already? Because your dog knows, your son knows, Ramesh knows, and I know. Why not let your readers know, too?

And I do care. And I should.

Anonymous said...

"Best Evs"? What are you, a 7th grade school girl? Maybe your next post can include an "OMG!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Next Last post:

I've been using my All-Clad Slow Cooker to cook dinner lately. It's great! Since you're interested, click here for what else I'm writing. Also, check out someone cuter than me!

Scrutineer said...

I cringe for Last every time he throws his man panties at Brendon.

That Dude said...

Dude dont listen to these peeps, B-Donn is da bomb, like fo shizzle.

Anonymous said...

A post that would make Andrew Sullivan blush...