Monday, November 14, 2005

Turbo Sexophonic Delight

Galley Friend B.W. sends this link to one of the all-time greatest interviews ever: Darryl Dawkins. Samples:
Q: You've claimed to come from Planet Lovetron but actually grew up in Orlando. When did you realize the discrepancy?

A: I realized the discrepancy when I was about 18 years old. When I figured out I had more funk than most people from Orlando. I had too much funk to be tied down to one hometown so I went off to Lovetron. . . .

Q: You named your dunks: Your Mama, In Your Face Disgrace, Cover Yo Damn Head, Earthquake Breaker, Left-Handed Spine Chiller Supreme and more. How did you come up with this name: Turbo Sexophonic Delight?

A: It was just a swivel of the hips. You had to swivel the hips so fast that you coulda kicked in the turbo on a new car. And for the sexophonic part, you had to do a little hump -- a little boogie while you're going in there. You know, seeing Parliament without their funk is like seeing Darryl Dawkins without his dunk. I had to have it, man.


Anonymous said...

"That's it now, no more guys for your mother." Love it.

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in the Iggles.

Cowboys 21, Birds 20. With that last toss, McNabb is coming dangerously close to proving T.O.'s point.