Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Xbox 360: A Dog?

The early word is underwhleming. IGN gives the launch games good, but not glowing reviews. The exception being the review of Call of Duty 2. But here's the damning quote, which doesn't bode well for the new Xbox:
While many early Xbox 360 games are simple high-resolution versions of their current gen brethren . . .

Yikes. And that's from a positive review. Check out the lede on this less positive review of NBA 2K6:
If there is something we've learned from this batch of launch titles for the Xbox 360, it's that we want more from our next-generation console. A lot more. As IGN is in the process of finishing reviews for each of the launch titles, it's great to see when a developer goes all out to utilize the power of the 360, like we are seeing with Sega's Condemned: Criminal Origins. On the flip side, it's frustrating when a developer like EA actually removes key features from its games, like several golfers and courses for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 and the franchise mode from NBA Live 06. The next generation is now, people. We should be adding features, not removing them.

Thankfully, NBA 2K6 didn't remove any of the features that made it a well-rounded and deep basketball title on current-gen consoles. Speaking of well rounded, NBA 2K6 reminds me of Tim Duncan. Like the Big Fundamental, 2K6 is not flashy and you are rarely going to jump out of your seat in sheer excitement when you play. But, like Duncan, 2K6 is a big name in the business, has earned tremendous respect from intelligent basketball fans, and it does just about everything well. However, the only real changes from 2K6 on the PS2 and Xbox to the Xbox 360 seem to be updated rosters and improved player models.

That's not supposed to be what you hear about a "next generation" system, yet it's the same impression I got after monkeying around with the machine for 10 minutes.

Remember what a jump the first Dreamcast, PS2, and Xbox represented? Remember what a huge leap forward the first Playstation was? The slope of the tech curve is flattening out.


Scrutineer said...

IGN gives the launch games good, but not glowing reviews.

I think this is the correct IGN link.

Anonymous said...

Experts on Playstation, X Box and Dreamcast. How old are you guys?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Last. How OLD are you? And how can you be even TALKING about video games when THERE IS A WAR ON!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:30 is actually Last.

Anonymous said...

And if you recall, with the Xbox, Microsoft, wishing to come out with a bang, bought Bungie Studios so that they could own and release "Halo". It was a gamble, but since Bungie had the superlative Myth: Legends under their belt, a pretty good gamble. Remember how folks said things like "buy the xbox so you can play Halo"? Where's our Halo?

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the premise that next-gen games not being all too different from the current gen games.
That's why Nintendo's strategy with the Revolution is so compelling.

Anonymous said...

Also, there is some comment that the Xbox will bring PC quality gaming to the console. If that is true, and I have no way of knowing, that would be a huge leap.

How about Starcraft for the Xbox? Why not get some more juice out of a great game? How about Baldur's Gate? It seems to me that the capabilities might be there.