Friday, December 16, 2005

The Cira Centre

Unlike my good friend Art Vandelay, I know nothing about architecture. Which leaves me only with personal taste--which is to say, dangerously unarmed. As a rule, I tend not to gravitate toward anything modern, but my goodness, I just can't get The Cira Centre out of my head. It's amazing and simple and beautiful and somehow, the perfect complement to 30th Street Station.

Go and drink in some of the photos so far.

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Jay D. Homnick said...

The answer to the trivia question "When does George's alter ego, Art Vandelay, first appear on Seinfeld?" is in the first season (Jerry had a different father in that episode than later) when Jerry and George stand in front of an elevator in an office building so Jerry can ask this attorney that he met at a party out on a date.

(That's the longest sentence of my career. Reading that guy Seaton's review about Edmund Wilson has affected my syntax.)

The episode includes this memorable exchange.

Jerry: Do you date superficial men?

Attorney: Almost exclusively.