Friday, December 02, 2005

This Isn't a Brains Kind of Operation

Maybe Brendon Donnelly should stop publishing his work on a blog and start placing it with Nature or JAMA:
Scientists with clip boards and bunsen burners have proven that the Way of the Gun is the greatest movie ever made. And Ryan Philippe was at the heart of it. For the record, his name was Mr. Parker. His associate was Mr. Longbow. Why this guy isn’t a huge star is beyond me. He’s a great actor and apparently super dreamy too, considering he’s not that well known and still topped Pitt, Cruise and Depp. Are you listening Hollywood, or are you just gonna keep casting asexual droopy eyed freak Jake Gyllenhaal. The guy looks like a fucking hammerhead. Hes the only person alive who could play Admiral Ackbar with no-makeup.

Sign me up for the peer review.


Anonymous said...

If this guy is as smart as you (continually) say he is, he would have caught the reference and not spelled it Parker and 'Longbow'.

Anonymous said... This is Jenny? Sign me up for the peer review!