Monday, December 12, 2005

Xbox 360: A Dog? Part 2

After reading this disappointed story on the new Xbox 360 in the Washington Post yesterday--titled "Where's the 'Wow'?"--now there's this news of sluggish Xbox 360 sales in Japan.

Is Xbox 360 the new Dreamcast?

No way! Dreamcast was a superior system with unique capabilities launched before its time.


arrScott said...

Well, keep in mind that every Xbox 360 sold in Japan represents an increase in market share from the approximately twenty-three first-generation Xbox units sold there.

The games quality issue is a serious one, but with the exception of N64's Mario 64, consoles almost never launch with a must-play game. Those come along later, and are the result more of serendipity than of careful planning. Halo was the Mario 64 of the original Xbox, but a year or more later, and pretty much nobody predicted that it would be the platform-making game it became.

The problem really isn't Microsoft's. So far, Sony hasn't released any true game animation from the first titles for its new box either; if PS3 was launching with great games, Sony would surely be showing us more now than a bunch of flashy but meaningless cut scenes. The next generation of platforms have all kinds of new capacity for more sophisticated gameplay and storytelling, but all the game designers seem capable of delivering right now is individually animated sweat beads on NBA players.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the next-generation equivalent of Mario 64 or GTA3 or Halo doesn't debut until 2007. Until then, it will just be last-generation games with souped-up animation and audio -- just like the first year's worth of games on the Xbox and PS2.

Anonymous said...

Either way, I loved the Dreamcast so I hope so!

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