Thursday, December 01, 2005

Life-Art-Life-Art. . .

Have you seen the trailer for The Producers? It's a movie, based on a play, based on a movie, about a play.

You know, that Mel Brooks is such a hack; thank goodness someone is finally going to do this film right. Now, if only Bret Ratner would remake Casablanca to tighten the story up, get better f/x, and fix the ending.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the original movie - which had some classic gags, but was ultimately a mess - and I've read the book of the musical. The latter kept the gags AND tightened the plot, fixed the ending, etc. You should look into the new movie.

Let me add that I'm grateful that Uma is Ulla, not Nicole Kidman.

tully said...

Of course Will Ferrel will be great as the Nazi! He might even be better than the original.

I would think, however, that Nicole Kidman would be better as Ulla. Look at her character in Bewitched- she's good as a dizzy blond!