Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hairless versus Hairy

The trend continues. The American Association of Plastic Surgery said 1.4 million people underwent depilation procedures last year—twice as many as the year before. This Wilamette Week Online reporter does a very good job of reporting out the story's local context, in which porno-style hairlessness is opposed only by hippie-bear fetishism of the opposite sort. (He also deserves points for his Matus-like pursuit of every possible pun.) Unrepresented in the feud is anyone who thinks the coming of the hairless man bodes ill for manliness and womanliness—and for men and women's entwined biological and moral fates. But that's why you have me.


Anonymous said...

Hairless human... weird!

Anonymous said...

Someone smarter can probably explain the fetish of shaving off body/pubic hair, and adorning the body with tattoos.

It's certainly an exhibitionistic and preening narcissism.

Prehaps it's just a passing fad.

Dean Barnett said...

You go Miklos!

"No female dancer or model that I have known since the year 2000 has possessed more than a tuft or exclamation-point above her genital."

And here I thought blog-readers were a bunch of under-sexed uber-geeks. But right here at Galley Slaves there's a reader familiar with apparently a slew of models and dancers.

Intimately familiar, no less.

Anonymous said...

a womans fuzz,even peachy or wiry,is highly erotic to me,and I can distinguish the femenine one from the male as very different in every part of the body it may grow. Plus,from one woman to another is a mark of identity:each pelt is another species,neither beaver or feline:her own being tru Like Gaugain,I have seen bushes that remain in my eye,touch and smell memory like a morning dawn in all its hues powerful always coming but always different and some(unforgetable)will remain with me beyond my impotent years one day.To see,touch and behold a femenine hairiness is one of the most mystical experiences before proceeding to her other mysteries,to each which more irresistible.And just plainly no further,like to see a rainbow open all its colours,its just pleasant.Always gives me a sure smile.That is a woman to me:full,athenean,olimpic.From true earth-mother-nature I will never turn back,or head.

Anonymous said...

I went with a "natural women" for awhile. As long as she didn't raise her arms above her head she was gorgeous.

When she knew we were going to an upscale restaurant or to the theatre she would shave her legs. I bought season tickets and we ate at posh restaurants frequently :-).

Anonymous said...

I always like the look of unshaven legs with panty hose. Prefereably dark panty hose. There is nothing that turns a guy off quicker than to see matted hairly legs encased in panty hose.

Anonymous said...

Ever since women shaved it all off, attendance at strip bars has gone way down. I don't go to them anymore because of it. When I have gone go, usually because of a bachelor party, I am amazed at how dead these places are now. A lot of guys just don't like it man.

Anonymous said...

You body MUST be hairless!!!Shave it, use waxing hair removal, lazer epilation, depilation!Anything you want! But if you are a woman, you must not have body hair!

Anonymous said...

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