Friday, December 02, 2005

Pot, Kettle

From Galley Friend D.B.:

From today's Washington Post:

Kennedy said in a statement yesterday that Alito "bears an especially heavy burden at the hearings in January to explain the growing number of discrepancies between his current statements and his past actions."

"He told senators that he wasn't involved in Thornburgh , yet a detailed memo was released [Wednesday] showing that he was," Kennedy said. "In 1990, he said he'd recuse himself from all cases involving Vanguard. Yet he didn't and has changed his story as to why six times. Its not the crime, its the cover up."

It's not the crime, it's the cover up. Says TED KENNEDY.

Words fail me.

Excellent point.


Anonymous said...

This from the man who deplores waterboarding, claiming that putting someone in apprehension of drowning is torture.


miklos rosza said...

There are many people in this world who quite literally have no shame. Zero. None.

The capacity for shame seems to be connected to decency, as in decency, decent behavior and the like. Indecent behavior comes much much readily if you have no shame, or if whatever shame you feel excites you, helps to rouse your jaded nerves.

I can remember coming into contact with this sort of syndrome when I had to deal with people in show-biz.

Anonymous said...

Just be thankful the Senator didn't drive his point home, nor swim firmly against the tide while helping others to safety.

Double Chivas, and don't be cheating me with any ice!