Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday Morning WWTDD

Fine. Stop your mocking, she-elf. Here's some good stuff from the Blog CrushTM archive. Why? Because you've been dying to know where he went to school and I've got the answer:
I guess I never realized that Pink was a spokesmodel for Bally’s Total Fitness until these pictures showed up a few days ago. Mostly because Pink is a tubby poser mess with legs like Ricky Williams, and it never even dawned on me that such a thing was possible. I guess on one hand, it’s a brilliant idea, because fat girls see Pink as an achievable goal. You too can look like a model, and its not even gonna be that hard. Like when Shaq used to do commercials to encourage reading. And he sat there reading a picture book about dragons. I’m assuming he was supposed to be reading to kids, since he was reading aloud in the same voice he used in Kazam, but since no kids were ever actually shown, its also possible they were inadvertently airing a live feed from his house.

Oh, hey look, my degree from LSU is crying!

But on a more serious note, I love it when Brendon deals with current affairs. He doesn't do it all that often, but this Very Special Episode is tough and hard-hitting. If I was Tim Russert, I wouldn't be taking too many sick days, if you know what I mean:
Jamie Foxx, Snoop-Dogg, Danny Glover, Jason Alexander, Russell Crowe, Ted Danson, Ed Asner, Richard Dreyfuss, Ed O’Neil, Carl Reiner, Tim Robbins and Noah Wyllie are just a few of the big Hollywood stars trying to stay the execution of Crips co-founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams. These actors and many more have held rallies honoring Tookie as a great man of peace and signed a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger asking for mercy.

The Film Actors Guild faces a tough battle with their latest cause, mostly because its illegal to shoot an elderly woman in the face with a shotgun. As Tookie did to 63 year old Tsai-Shen Yang after robbing the motel she managed. Tookie also murdered her husband Yen-Yi Yang, 67, and daughter Ye-Chen Lin, 43. In Tookies defense, they had money and Tookie wanted it. Nonetheless, Tookie was charged with a crime, and sentenced to death.

There’s no mention in Hollywood’s letter of the people Tookie executed, but it does mention that he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Someone who was not nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize was 19 year old Albert Owens. Possibly because Tookie shot him twice in the back of the head with a shotgun while he lay face down on the ground after Tookie successfully robbed the 7-11 Owens worked for.

The letter goes on to say that Tookie should be given clemency because he’s a changed man, and his brave tale of redemption can help others at risk. It also implies that Tookie was innocent and the victim of a racist judicial system. You would have thought that the very same letter wouldn’t say that Tookie found redemption after NOT committing a crime, but, hey, look, there it is.


Anonymous said...

Why do Hollywood stars constantly act like their celebrity somehow gives them special insights on the issues of mankind? If anything, the fact that they are celebrities should require them to keep their mouths shut. Their current lifestyle, and often an unusual upbringing, remove them so far from the reality of human existence that their views can't possibly be trusted.

Anonymous said...

It's just such a puzzler to me why people see democrats as soft on crime. Must be a marketing problem.

Anonymous said...

Here's my question: Why did Tookie feel it was necessary to shoot Owens TWICE in the back of the head? Did he feel the first shotgun blast really didn't get his message across?

If there was some legitmate doubt about whether Tookie was actually the shooter, I could be swayed into saying the execution should at least be delayed. But absent that, I say the bastard's gotta go.

Anonymous said...

If Loretta Swit is for us, who can be against us?

Anonymous said...

Why do Hollywood stars constantly act like their celebrity somehow gives them special insights on the issues of mankind?

When you're a celebrity, it's adios reality.

Anonymous said...

Two comments:
1) Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Big deal, as Yasir Arafat *won* the prize and he was a murderous hateful terrorist who spoke peace in English and hate/war in Arabic. But the Swedes don't speak Arabic, do they?
2) Remembering my sunday school lessions from years ago, the first step towards forgiveness is acknowledging the sin. Tookie has not taken the first step.

Anonymous said...

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