Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jenny has a great riff on Brad and Angelina:
I swear if these two freaks of nature ever breed biological children together the kids will either be so ridiculously beautiful people will need to wear special suits and goggles to protect themselves from the radiation which exudes from the kids, or they'll resemble mythical monsters like the ones in Clash of the Titans. "Hi. I'm Angelina, and this is Brad. These are our children, Medusa and The Kraken."

Meanwhile, the Blog CrushTM rolls on:
Those crazy Brits spell cozy with an "S", but they scarified Coventry during WWII to protect Ultra, and that took fuckin guts, so they get a pass. And if you'd lost track in this awesome game, Jude Law and Sienna are off-again for now because he wants to go to Africa with his ex-wife and kids over Christmas. But this isn't the first time Sienna and Leo have been linked, earlier reports had them meeting in New York after her initial split with Jude. All I really care about is the hopeful demise of the Leo-Kirsten Dunst rumors. I've never accidentally tried to pick up a transvestite (in this country) but I'm pretty sure I'd prefer a light raping at the hands of a tranny than to even shake hands with Sabertooth Dunst.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to brag or anything, but Cal Tech doesn't just give out PhDs in the field of super-science. So I'm pretty much qualified to say that Jenny has to be smokin' hot.

I don't want to confuse you with the math (the Riemann Hypothesis makes a brief but memorable apperance) but this one's a tighter lock than the Eagles blowing the rest of their season.

Anonymous said...

Last has a blog-crush on the wrong one, if you ask me. But you didn't.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they have any idea how freakin' many policy wonks, partisan hacks, and political rag editors follow their every move? That even if they bomb in Vegas and Hollywood, they could cash some fat checks from the D.C. scene?

AEI--where you at? New Republic--where you at? Weekly Standard--where you at? National Review--where you at? American Prospect--where you at? White House--where you at?

Anonymous said...

No shoutout to Brookings? What the hell?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jonathan, good call crushin' on Donnelly. I hear he's got a great rack.

By the way, here's what you're missing out on:

"It's so hot how Angelina turns people to drooling dorks. She was even able to turn Brad Pitt into one. And he comes across as a pretty cool and level headed guy for the most part. Angie has all the control here, though. When Brad starts getting all mushy, she grabs him by his hair and throws him down on the bed. While she's straddling him, she does a striptease and instructs him not to touch her. She's wearing six inch stiletto heels, she stands on the bed when the only thing left on her is her g-string. She removes her panties one leg at a time. When she gets to the right leg, she places her stiletto covered foot on his forehead and pushes his head into the pillow as the lets the g-string slide down her long leg and land on his face. Then she removes her foot, jumps off the bed and tells him to go to the store and pick up some milk and diapers. Most of the time I have a one track mind, so this is how I picture things going down in the Jolie-Pitt house."

Has anyone ever seen Anne Hathaway and Jenny photographed together? Because I'm starting to wonder.