Monday, November 29, 2004

All Your Base Are Belong to Wretchard

Fine, I give up. I hate anonymous blogging. I think it's at best unhelpful and at worst and invitation to mischief. But I understand that it is also, sometimes, a necessity. In the past I've been converted by the great and powerful Soxblog and now I'm giving up the ghost on The Belmont Club. Wretchard's post on Alexander the Great is about as smart and interesting as anything I've seen written about the movie. It's great stuff.

But I will make a plea that Wretchard come out (so the speak). It would give his writings that much more punch to have a name attached.

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Angus Dwyer said...

I'm pretty sure Soxblog isn't an anonymous blog. He signs all of his posts "James Frederick Dwight", which I assume is his real name.