Thursday, November 11, 2004


Scott Johnson gets a good start on the debunking of Arafat. Unfortunately, this is a task which is going to require lots of work (hard work!) from people over the next several days to put Arafat's life in perspective.

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Anonymous said...

You guys got a great compliment from The Economist's US editor and their Washington, DC correspondemt yesterday on Terri Gross. It was something to the effect of: there is more conservative intellectual thought in the building that houses the WEEKLY STANDARD . . . than in the whole European Continent.

It was great, so now that the DEMs have lost they resort to making weird sort of illumnati arguments for the success of conservatism in the US.

Benjamin Netenyahu did a phone interview with Sean Hannity yesterday, as well. Easily one of the best discussions on the Middle East conflict I've ever heard.
He properly named Arafat as the Father of Modern Terrorism and went on to ennumerate the ways in which he had founded the movement now taken up by Bin laden and others. Now reading Powerline . . . what was Bill thinking? Y'all ought to review Mr. Netenyahu book in the STANDARD READER sometime.