Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Miss Jackson, If You're Nasty . . .

While I'm sure you wanted to, I'll bet you didn't page through CBS's 78-page response to the FCC. Lisa de Moraes did. She's got all the amazing CBS denials. Here's a tease:

The commission in September referred to MTV.com's pre-show "news" story in which Jackson's choreographer promised that her performance would include some "shocking moments."

In its response, CBS said the "out-of-context quotation" that appeared in the online story "did not suggest that anything untoward might take place, nor did it put the network on notice that it should take precautions beyond those already in place."

CBS also said that MTV management personnel who reviewed that online story believed the "shocking moments" promise was a reference to the fact that Timberlake was going to be Jackson's surprise duet partner.

De Moraes has more.

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