Thursday, November 11, 2004

Victorino isn't around to note this story since he's going to the chapel to get ma-a-ar-ried. But if China's sending a boomer into Japanese waters, isn't this just one more indication of Chinese military boldness that should worry us?

Correction, 11/11/04, 5:04 p.m.: As alert reader C.G. notes, this is not a "boomer," it's a fast-attack sub. Having spent waaay too many hours playing the PC version of Hunt for Red October, I have no excuse for this mistake.

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CSG said...

That is interesting. But a "boomer" is a ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), not a fast attack boat (SSN) like the Han Class. The PLAN order of battle includes a single Xia-Class SSBN, and five (I think it's five) Han-Class SSN. As a rule, the strategic nuclear deterrence provided by SSBNs is so highly valued that no navy that operates these boats risks them on missions such as the one in the Navy Times article.