Friday, November 12, 2004

Religion of Peace!

This International Herald Tribune story is most notable for the following section:

"Islamic scholars have generally prohibited the discontinuation of life support machines, since the Koran advises: 'Don't throw yourself into death.' Nabil Shaath, the Palestinian foreign minister, reacted violently to press reports yesterday that Palestinian officials had arrived in Paris to 'pull the plug' on Arafat."

So the Koran says "Don't throw yourself into death"? This section of the book should, perhaps, be more widely publicized in the Middle East.

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Vox Poplar said...

I once saw Canadian journalist and self-proclaimed "Muslim-Refusenik" Irshad Manji confront one of the heads of Hamas. She brought him a copy of the Koran and asked him to find the passage that condones suicide bombings.

He hemmed and hawed for like twenty minutes, made up an excuse to leave, then fled. It showed real courage on her part to confront a known killer like that.