Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fuck the South

That's the title of this charming little website. It's not really a website, actually, so much as a one page rant, the driving theme of which is: Blue states = Northeast America = Good. Red states = The South = Bad.

I won't lie--some of the rant is sort of funny (although maybe that's because I'm a Yankee at heart).

But here's my question: Much of the "liberal elite" reaction to the election (see Ted Rall, Michael Kinsley, et al) has settled on this being a North vs. South split. Which is true, except for the other parts of the country that voted for Bush, too: the Midwest, the Great Plains, the Mountain West, and the Southwest.

What should really concern Democrats is that Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and even Wisconsin seem to be trending more and more Republican. If Democrats have to wage pitched battles in these states, it's going to be very difficult for them to win elections.

Sour Democrats should stop obsessing about the South and start worrying about their problems in the rest of the country.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan: This is the worst type of journalism that you are engaging in when you post such material on your blog! It degrades you down to the sick level of the Democrats during the last campaign....sick...sick...sick! This type of material is too prevalent on the blogosphere!
Richard the lionheart

Trickish Knave said...

Don't worry, I found it entertaining. Your journalism is fine.

I read Michael Moore books and visit his website. I visited numerous times as well as other Democratic webistes. Why? Because I want to know what they are thinking so I can be ready to slam their foolish ideas.

It is important to post things to engage conversation about opposing ideas. Keep up the good work. I will link to you on my blog as we share the same ideas!

Anonymous said...

As a native Virginian and a transplanted Texan, I could drum up more than a little resentment about that comment, but I’m compelled to laugh, instead. Forget about red vs. blue states. Plot red vs. blue counties and you begin to truly understand the extent of Kerry’s rout. America is a “red” country and the obscene sentiment expressed on the web page you cite is merely impotent rage from the far-left Marxist, girly-man, fringe that has become the Democrat Party. “W” rules! So, get a life, “Comrade.”

Anonymous said...

I think that the fellow who wrote this rant IS a republican. If he's a Democrat, he's sure not a smart one. As a Democrat and Texan of southern decent, the writer makes me rethink what my Northern "allies" think of something that is more part of me than my politics. It is this over-simplification of US geography and culture that makes me wary of both the Donkey AND the Elephant. I still support Obama, but when I'm old enough to vote, I'm going to vote by candidate and not by party! You talk about liberal "girly-men"? I say that the real girly-men come form both sides, and are the ones who judge people, and states, by party, and lack the cajones to have their own opinions.