Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sam Karnick has an interesting piece in the American Spectator on the real origins of political polarization.

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Bizarro Jack said...

<blockquote><PS-BLOGGER-SUCKS>(In actuality, the Democrats of today are the real conservatives, wanting to preserve the welfare state, sexual revolution, pacifism, and Court-ordered restrictions on individual liberty that were implemented during the past half-century. The Republicans of today are the truly liberal party, with their emphasis on creating an economically and socially dynamic "opportunity society.")</blockquote>

This is interesting like sticking a fork in an electric socket. I tried reading it twice to be sure before using invectives, but I think it may be responsible for some minor braindamage so I'm just going to say that it's a load of crap. If people continue to read stuff by people like this, it's just going to lead to the breakdown of the English language. It's like he's never heard of a dictionary. These words don't even make sense in the sentences he puts them in.

I'm not sure how I can be more specific about this without diagramming sentences or using a red pen in the margins, so I will resort to parody.

"Conservatives are better liberals than liberals are, because conservatism is liberal. In fact, being liberal is just nasty old conservativism - they're conserving liberalism. Liberals (the bad ones, not conservatives) are also reponsible for Court-ordered restrictions on individual liberty, examples of which being a judge's individual right to fine imprison a woman for terminating an unwanted pregnancy, and all those other important conservative, I mean, liberal issues.
I like the term liberal better than conservative. Conservative sounds so stuffy. We won the election, so that means we can call ourselves liberal if we like that better. The Liberals are dead! Long live the Liberals!"