Wednesday, November 24, 2004

First Rather, Now Moyers

Moyers is dropping Now. Village Voice


exguru said...

Joy Press makes no mention of the large fortune Bill Moyers has made while on the public teat, though others have written books about it. He is probably America's prime hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Bill Moyers is the conscience of, well, of something. He's so Olympian, so above partisanship, except when he's engaging in it.

I've forced myself to watch NOW a couple times; most recently it was Moyers inquiring earnestly, leaning forward the way he does to better apprehend the truth, asking his guest why it was that so many lower-middle-income Americans were being induced by Republicans to vote against their own economic self interests.

As a military friend of mine likes to say, the clue bird has not landed on his shoulder.


Bizarro Jack said...

So, FX, who was the guest, and what was his or her answer? I think it's a really good question and if it has a good answer, I'd love to hear it.