Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush Photo Slug

Presumably everyone has seen the story about Netscape giving a picture of the president the file name "asshole.jpg."

While I certainly don't condone this kind of thing, come on. It is sort of funny.

I mean, if Bush had lost the election, it would have been tacky. But a 4 million vote cushion should be enough to let Republicans chuckle.


Westmont said...

I was kind of ticked off when I first started reading the story you linked to. But the final line that revealed that the employee responsible for naming and posting the file had been terminated redeemed the whole thing for me. I realized that one more Democrat just lost his job thanks to George W. Bush!

(And like a grizzled old USAF Master Sergeant I served with used to always say, "It's better to be the ass hole than the skin around it.")

Bizarro Jack said...
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NeoConNews said...

Yes, it's funny and not a big deal, but it is more "elite media" ammo for 2006 and 8.
It's something that's not likely to have happened on the Fox News website if Kerry had won.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I think it is foul. To try to be broadminded about this sort of thing is to fall into the trap of not calling awful behavior "awful." It's a mild sort of PCism to be "understanding" of someone who just insulted the president publicly.