Saturday, December 18, 2004

Three Cheers for Sprint

Besides being my wireless carrier, Sprint is also full of pretty good people. After a call for phone cards went out a few days ago, Galley Reader J.M. sends along this internal notice from Sprint:

Team, some of you have been receiving notes and/or hearing of requests about [the need for phone cards are Walter Reed] . . .

For your information and to share with other Sprint employees, Sprint Prepaid Solutions has prepared a generous donation of approximately 2500 prepaid cards for the special needs of our troops in Walter Reed. Their request has not fallen on deaf ears here at Sprint. Russ Everhart and the promotions team are taking the lead at identifying a contact at Walter Reed to handle the distribution, and Jenny has prepared the cards and extended the expiration dates. Russ and Luke are working out the details associated with the public relations aspects of the donation.

Concurrently, Prepaid Solutions is working to find corporate and business partners who are willing to make a donation as part of our American Red Cross program. Our unique program with ARC enables a far broader range of corporations to help when previously they had not clear options or mechanisms to help our troops.

So far as I can tell, Sprint hasn't mentioned any of this publicly--they aren't looking for applause. While I admire that a ton, this company (and the employees who made this happen) deserves some pretty serious kudos. (And so does Hugh Hewitt, who got this ball rolling.) It sure makes me feel good about using Sprint PCS. If you're looking for a wireless phone this Christmas, you should consider giving Sprint your business.


Anonymous said...

Good on Sprint. Now where the f*** are the other carriers? Long distance is practically costless. They have utterly no excuse not to step up.

Jay Manifold said...

I can confirm that a search for "Walter Reed" on Sprint's intranet turns up nothing. This is especially remarkable in light of the usual policy of announcing charitable involvement by the company.

If you would like to thank those involved, a relatively discreet way of doing so is to send e-mails to the following addresses, to which you should append "":

Russ - lawrence.r.everhart
Luke - luke.t.wehrman

I found a couple of Jennifers in the cost centers of the people who did this, so I'm not sure exactly who "Jenny" is. I recommend mentioning her in the e-mails to Russ and Luke.

PS - My initials notwithstanding, I am *not* "J.M." and had nothing to do with this initiative.

Anonymous said...

I sent a bunch of phone cards to Walter Reade, and got a thank-you form letter back. Which was nice. But then today someone pointed me to this:

What it says, pretty much, is that they don't need any more cards as they have more than they know what to do with right now.

Anonymous said...

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