Saturday, July 23, 2005

15 Levels of Funny

"The one mildly interesting thing is that a questioner in the audience would know who Wonkette is but not me or Michelle Malkin."


The Gipper Lives said...

Yes, but Jonah hasn't made the same, uh, sacrifices for his art that Wankette has.

Bizarro Jack said...

This is all my interpretation, but the point of the comment seemed to be to point out the absurdity that the blogger (AMC) was fixated on another media personality rather than a person with real power. i.e. "most of us" meaning "the world" rather than "all of us people who are waiting in line to ask wonkette questions."

You have the same blogger fixation yourself - consider the amount of text devoted to wonkette, "kos" and sullivan compared to people who make news. I am judging by the blog only, not the standard, of course.

I dont think I'd know who wonkette, sullivan or kos were if I didnt follow links from this very web site.

Bizarro Jack said...

. . . or maybe thats one of the 15 levels you referred to. I somehow missed the subject line til after making a post.