Saturday, July 23, 2005

Letter from Londonistan

If you only read one piece this weekend, it should be Irwin M. Stelzer's brilliant and depressing analysis of what's going on in London.


Anonymous said...

That is a depressing article. I suppose one has to remember that England's history not only includes the Seahawks, Wellington and Churchill, but also Ethelred the Unready, Richard II and Chamberlain.

David said...

London-istan Introduces Multi-Color Beneton Trains To Prevent Future Bombing
(July 8, 2005) The fire department of London-istan raised new anti fire-raising (arson) measures to extinguish any accidental Islamic fire spectacle in the tube (subway) in the short-term future. Under the emergency plan, unveiled today, the new underground trains, sand blasted with Beneton colors, will transport the vast rainbow of London's multicultural, multireligious and multi-sexual underground tourists. The Muslims passengers have to get on the green trains, while the socialist/atheist/left/liberals must ride on the red trains. The depressed and demoralized masses, regardless of religion or ethnicity, opted for the blue. The white is reserved exclusively for Caucasian racists and their fellow travellers - the conservatives and the libertarians.

In addition, billboards with passages from Quran about world peace, tolerance against God's little creatures -pigs and apes and utmost respect for the Dhimmi will be posted in the trains, as part of public awareness campaign.

"This latest underground debacle is the direct result of the government's failure to timely fund and implement the most recent multi-cultural curriculum that I have been warning so long," blasted the Respect Party MP George Galloway, who mainly represents the world-wide Muslims in the British Parliament. "So many cute, young British Muslim boys grew up bored and alienated, right after Tony [Blair] cut government subsidized BBC broadcast of the latest hits from MTV, Air America and Girls Gone Wild."

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece yes -- it capture well the climate of acceptance to clearly radical Islam that harbors terror and shows what danger relativism holds in the battle against terror.

But, the link to welfare payments is weak. Do illegal immigrant really just begin receiving welfare once entering the UK? Even so, none of the 7/7 guys was receiving welfare straight out or had just entered the country. The kids grew up in Britain and the only connection between them seems to be ties to and visits to Pakistan -- a country which we also whole-heartedly embrace despite its clear harboring of radical Islam and lack of democracy.

But, oh wait, we do the same to Saudi Arabia. But, oh wait, that's who attacked us!

Listen, a real principled stand versus terrosism relies on the West shaking Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and all other militant, not-democratic Islamic states (which, sadly, seems to be every Islamic state) to its core.

To act like we are a bastion of anti-terrorism while Britain ain't because of welfare payments and a mayor's acceptance of a radical Islamic cleric is wrong. Say, well, we invaded Pakistan....and tried to instill democracy there. At least we would have been better able to monitor who was coming and going from the jihadist schools and perhaps prevented a 7/7. But, we can't press upon Pakistan to reliably even give us intelligence regarding who comes and goes from the schools because Pakistan's our ally in the war against terror. We can't stop the clear Saudi Arabian funding link to Al Queda for similar ludicrous reasons.

Bush blows.