Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rock Lobsters

Ever since I saw Carousel, I've always wanted to go to a clambake. I finally went to one last weekend and June was busting out all over! Did you say you went to see Carousel? The point being, it was high living. Except for the fact that it wasn't technically a clambake, but rather, a lobster bake. Even better but demanding more strategy. Namely, I saved it for last, starting with the corn on the cob, then the potato salad, then a couple of steamers, and then the lobster claws followed, at long last, by the robust tail, dipped generously in drawn butter. I didn't even need a bib. (I just wore won to fit in.)

The setting was along the banks of the Connecticut River and the occasion was my friends Lyn and Ted's wedding, she being a doctoral candidate in sociology and he the cofounder of Human Head Studios, maker of Rune and, later this year, Prey. The Essex Corinthian Jazz band (average age: 75) banged out dixie tunes for the guests while the happy couple took in a boat ride--the bride actually drove the boat. "This could have taken place a hundred years ago," marveled one person. "Yes," I agreed, "except they'd all be wondering who invited the Asian guy."

Nevertheless, congratulations to both and many years of happiness.

(Ted, just mail me the game when it comes out.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vic,

I could email it to you. How's your bandwidth? ;)

All the best, and really glad you guys could make it.