Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tats and Nats

Although I was joking when I mentioned Deutsche Bank's anschluss of the Washington Nationals, it seems at least one Nats fan is getting into the spirit of things: At last night's sweltering game against the Colorado Rockies, some four seats down from me sat an older fellow, a white male probably in his 60s, overweight, and wearing knee supports. As I scooted past him to get to the aisle, I noticed a small tattoo on his lower leg. It was greenish blue in color, no thicker than a Sharpie. But there was no mistaking what it was: a swastika. "That's a prison tat," said one of my colleagues.

I guess everyone has their favorite team, even a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. But I also couldn't help hoping he and his buddy would get lost somewhere in Northeast Washington after the game.

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