Thursday, July 14, 2005

I've never bought the argument fighting terrorists creates terrorists, or that somehow the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq helped turn Muslims around the world against the United States. After all, if you look at the reactions in many Muslim countries following September 11, it doesn't look like they needed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to help them hate America.

But a lot of other people have been concerned about this question. So what to make of this Pew survey, which suggests that support for bin Laden and suicide bombing in general is falling in some Muslim countries?

If this is true, I suspect it's due less to the bombings in London than to stories like this one, which show that bin Ladenism perhaps cares not so much about Muslims who like to vote.

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Ron Wright said...

Here's some related thoughts over at Roger L. Simon's:

How to Lose a War
What more do the leftist and the MSM want?

President Bush has not waffled on his message, "We must stay the course." He was re-elected after much debate on this very issue by the American people.

In creditable polls (RAND Corp and Pew), the American people do see a need for our continued presence in Iraq in terms of the larger GWOT. With the disinformation that the Liberal Left (LL) and MSM are spewing, the people are left confused at times.

The LL as well as the MSM are so wracked with anger and disdain for this administration, they can't see the forest for the trees. We are not bogged down in any quagmire nor is this another Vietnam or is this an US imperialistic colonial movement; no matter how hard they may wish it so or try.


This ideology is not unlike the other failed ideologies that have been discarded into history's dustbin e.g., Nazism, Communism, and Fascism. These ideologies couldn't provide for the needs and wants of the people. They failed to provide an equitable distribution of resources and wealth among the people. The key failure is they do not recognize the fundamental truth of the free will of men and women. In particular, the Achilles Heel of Islamofacisim is its failure to recognize the importance of women. Not until we crush and wipe this ideology from the face of the earth will this war be over.


Finally, I have yet to hear a coherent alternative strategic plan put forth by the LL and the MSM to win this war. Until they have a plan worth pursuing, the Honorable Senator Feingold, Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, and Senator Durbin can:


Their constant gum flapping is sending mix messages to the enemy. This only empowers and emboldens the enemy to kill more innocents and to kill or injure our brave men and women in uniform who go into harm's way on our behalf. These thoughtless political statements only serve to hurt the morale of our troops. Our military is defending our very way of life, culture, and freedoms we hold dear from the enemy in the GWOT.


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