Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oliver Stone's 9/11 (cont.)

Following up on last night's call for an over-under on how long Oliver Stone gets to stay at the helm of Paramount's 9/11 project is this morning's piece on Stone in the LA Times. Key graph:
The director himself thinks that a film about 9/11 should have "been done right away. I don't think you should run from things. You should confront them. It's better for the country. Look at the English [reaction to the recent London subway bombings]. They took it and absorbed it and continued on. They didn't run around and call for huge pieces of legislation costing billions of dollars to defend our homeland and create a huge war in a foreign country."

So Stone apparently believes that terrorist attacks should be "absorbed," but not preempted, or defended against. Let's move that over-under line up a few days.

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