Wednesday, July 13, 2005

America's Best Town (cont.)

If you thought I was simply being excitable the other day when I raged against the incompetance of the Money magazine editors who picked my home town, Moorestown, NJ, as America's best town, I now have further proof that these hacks have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

The Philadelphia NBC station reports that Money magazine's 28th best town in America--Wexford, PA--doesn't exist.

Wexford, you see, is a postal designation, not a town. It has no mayor. No borders. No main street. The USPS simply uses "Wexford" has shorthand for an area comprising parts of four other towns.

Really, shouldn't someone at Money lose their job over this?

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Anonymous said...

Whether Wexford actually exists or not is beside the point. That the Census Bureau or Postal Service say it exists is beside the point. Given what it actually is, what conceivable reason could there be for putting it on a list like this? That is where the writer's laziness really shows up.

BTW, when I heard this story on our local news, I thought they'd said Morristown, NJ. That would have been an even bigger stretch.