Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hugh Hewitt, The Dark Prince of Mean

You'll have to take my word for it that Hugh Hewitt is just about the nicest guy in politics. How nice is he? Fred Barnes nice. For serious.

That's why this interview Hugh conducted with Dayn Perry is so particularly striking. Perry is a super-duper lefty who writes a column for (But wait, Rupert Murdoch is an evil neocon super-duper gen--no, don't bother trying to get your head around it. If people from MoveOn were to confront Dayn Perry, their heads might explode.) Anyway, Perry wrote a column in which he said, "I'm on record as saying this: If you've been injured or killed by a bull at Pamplona, then I think it's funny. Now if only Mark Steyn would go and get himself killed."

Not very nice, is it. Compounding his mistake, Perry then agreed to go on Hugh's show where Hugh--who's normally so nice he makes Larry King look like Lucius Malfoy--just destroyed him. And by the way, good for Hugh. It's a sign of good character that what gets Hugh riled up is a low-blow attack on a friend.

Those with weak stomach's should not follow the link. Those who get an evil thrill out of this sort of thing:
Hewitt: All right. Dayn Perry gets credit for coming here and getting his head beat in. But that's okay. It's sort of like...Dayn, I feel like Bob Wickham throwing little league right now. I really do, but I keep it up, because it's fun. Bob Wickham must like to strike out ten year olds, too.

Should definitely read the entire transcript.


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Hugh Hewitt's but that interview was far from the one-sided bashing that you make it out to be. I would liken it to a couple of bantamweights slapping at each other--there were no haymakers connecting there. I would side with Hugh's interpretation regarding many of their discussion topics, but he just never pressed in for the kill. That part about the Venona files was very weak, since it appeared that Hugh couldn't explain them himself.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?

Hewitt asked Steyn if he knew what the Venona files were, Steyn said no, and Hewitt moved on.

Why would he get into explaining them? Steyn was completely ignorant.

You read something into the transcript that wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious--you don't appear to understand anything about my comment, or the article in reference. Hewitt is interviewing Dayn Perry, a sportswriter who wrote in a recent column that he would like to see Steyn get killed.

So off the bat, you're batting zero for thinking this is an interview between Hewitt and Steyn.

My point was that while JVL, the author of this post, made a big deal out of how Hewitt handed Perry his lunch by exposing him as an idiot, Hewitt didn't really come across as all that more informed. Specifically, when he referenced the Venona Files, which were decoded cable traffic from Soviet spies in the US to their Moscow masters. While Perry obviously doesn't know what the files are, Hewitt lords it over him, but doesn't ever demonstrate that he knows them either, and doesn't provide any more additional information--which would be important to helping make his case that there were spies in the US during the Cold War, much as McCarthy claimed.

That Dude said...

Dude, re listen to it, Hugh to Dayne to the woodshed. Props to Dayne for showing up, but he was Michael Spinks to Hugh's Tyson.