Thursday, May 25, 2006


Is this trailer for Aquaman or Mercy Reef or M:I4?

Egotastic says that it's for a show the new CW declined to pick up.

Update: It just occurred to me: Does this make Ving Black Manta?


arrScott said...

If this is supposed to be Aquaman, how come he's not played by either the guy from Entourage or the guy who played Arthur Curry on Smallville? Now three different actors have played Aquaman in the last year or so; that's as many different actors as have played Superman in the last decade.

Which all adds up to make me ask, "Hollywood gives us three Aquamans but not one Flash?" Or, alternately, "The DC universe has Green Lantern, the Rucka-written detectives of Gotham Central, and Dr. Fate, and instead we get a Ghost Rider movie?"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the CBS version of the Flash starring the once and future dad of Dawson, John Wesley Ship.

Ralphie said...

For the record, Ghost Rider is a Marvel character.

arrScott said...

That was my point: DC has all these awesome characters that would be perfect for a B-movie or a junior-network drama, and instead Hollywood sifts through the dumpster out behind Marvel's office to give us dreck like Ghost Rider. And I should have mentioned Hitman on that list.

Mmm. Ving Rhames as Black Mantis. But who would have played his annoying preadolescent sidekick Aqualad in season three when the writers couldn't figure out how to deal with the end of high school?