Thursday, May 25, 2006

My pitch to you, dear readers

The new issue of Doublethink is out, and, if I may say so myself, it has several excellent articles. Katherine Mangu-Ward has a brilliant essay called “The Virtuous Eater,” which simultaneously makes light and takes seriously the new ethics of eating locally, seasonally, and organically. Jason Mattera has a terrific profile of National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru, exploring the softer side of the author of The Party of Death. Also, the magazine looks better than ever with its new cover design.

After you savor these tender filets of journalism, I hope you’ll consider taking out a subscription, this being the week of the magazine’s big subscription drive.

Here’s my tailored-to-Galley-Slaves-Readers Pitch: For only $17.60 a year you can strike a blow against liberal media bias by supporting Doublethink, a magazine that is training the new generation of libertarian and conservative journalists, not to spend their careers lingering in the right-wing ghetto, but to insert themselves into the mainstream. Alternatively, if you don’t think liberal media bias is that big a deal and all you want to see is good journalism, well, then for only $17.60 a year you can subscribe to a super magazine that rarely mentions liberal media bias because its writers are too busy reporting real stories.

Disclosure: In case you don’t know this, I happen to be the editor of Doublethink.

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