Friday, May 26, 2006

Wii Price Roundtable

This may be a bit industry-heavy for those not into the gaming world, but this IGN discussion on the Nintendo Wii price point ranges far and wide, touching on Playstation and Xbox and lots of different scenarios.

The most intriguing of which is the notion that Microsoft may be planning a November price cut for Xbox:
Since Microsoft can rely on awesome software rather than dealing with a hardware launch, it has the upper hand right now. If fact, if Nintendo was in this position we'd be seeing a price drop to combat the new systems. Microsoft isn't stupid. I personally expect a drop of up to $100 ($50 is more likely, but Microsoft will be going for a TKO at Christmas) for each bundle starting mid-November.

The general sense seems to be that the Wii will launch under $200, perhaps as low as $149.

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