Friday, May 19, 2006

Have a Good Weekend

This is my gift to you. It's a short K1 fight between a former ultimate fighting heavy weight and a monster kickboxer phenom. To get a sense of scale, the little guy in the ring is 250 lbs. The big guy--"Bob," as the announcers refer to him--goes 346.

The fight only lasts about 4 minutes and you can fast-forward past the break between rounds. But you'll be rewarded for your patience. Back-hands, axe-handle chops, the double-Kong clap--it's like watching a live-action Street Fighter.


Anonymous said...

The large dude is Bob Sapp, a former offensive lineman who bounced around the NFL for a while before getting into the fight game.

Anonymous said...

Sapp was quite popular in Japan for a few years. Less for his prowess in the ring and more for his glass chin and gentle giant character. He projects an inordinate amount of cuddliness when outside the ring. Very charming, soft-spoken, and willing to engage in juvenile horse-play upon command. Great with kids. Lots of t.v. appearances and ads. Must have cleared a few million after taxes. But, as such characters inevitably do, he suddenly dropped off the radar. Glad to see the old gang over in the States in front of a big crowd. The referee in this fight was once a fighter himself and is one of the founders of the whole K-1 (or is it Pride, I can never remember which is which) tradition. Remember: it's only fun until someone's brain hemorrages.

Dean Barnett said...