Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well, the new Playstation 3 has a release date (November 17) and a pricetag: $499 for a base model (without HDMI inputs) and $599 for the "premium" package.

Call be crazy, but this sounds like a recipe for not-great longterm prospects. Sony will sell the first 6 million units in the States pretty quickly, but after that? As one AICN commenter puts it:
Hi-def output that 90% of gamers can't even utilize, an expensive DVD format that may be obsolete in three years, a last-gen controller with a half-assed imitation of Nintendo's motion sensitivty, an inevitably-inferior-to-Xbox-Live online service, and PSP connectivity (because it was such a massive success for GBA-GameCube) all bundled up in an aesthetically hideous console with the Spider-Man font slapped on the side. And that's before you shell out $60 for an extra controller and $70 for the games. I own a PS2 and like it just fine, but I'd make a charitable donation to Al Qaeda before pissing my money away on this fuckin' boondoggle. Fuck you Sony. Give me my faggoty Wii, let me download Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Kis Icarus and Bionic Commando and I'm all set for next gen.

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Anonymous said...

PlayStation 3 is going to be great. Blu-ray isn't Betamax as many say, it will truly be a format that people use. It has so many advantages over Microsoft and Nintendo. Over the Xbox 360, PS3 will have motion detection in the controllers, a 60 GB HD, blu-ray playing (those will cost 700+ when they come out), exclusivity in games, better processor, and the fan base. I can't wait.