Tuesday, May 02, 2006

NFL Draft Post-Mortem

I'm no expert on the draft, but Cowboy-Lovin' Galley Friend L.B. is. And he thinks the Eagles did well:
t pains me to say it, but the Eagles had another really good draft. They got the 2nd best DT (and probably the best one who isn't a mammoth 350-lb nose guard type) in Bunkley . . . Winston Justice was a steal in the 2nd round ... Gocong is a guy who did nothing but pile up sacks as a Div. I-AA defensive end; a lot of the 3-4 defense teams had him targeted as a guy who they would move to OLB in the 3-4. Not sure how he fits in Philly's defense but he's supposed to be a real player. In the 4th round, OG Max Jean-Gilles was another steal IMO (most of what I had read projected him as a 2nd or at worst 3rd round pick), a real road-grader-type run blocker. B/w Justice and this guy, the Eagles really shored up their O-line . . . Jason Avant is a great get in the 4th round at WR. He's not a burner at all, but he's tough and fearless, plays physical and has great hands to make the tough catches. He played in Braylon Edwards's shadow most of his time at U-M, but last year was finally the #1 receiver and had a great season. He'll be a solid possession-type receiver for McNabb . . . Jeremy Bloom could be a Tim-Dwight type return guy--a nice late-round pick.

Galley Brother B.J. is less sanguine about the Birds, but has thoughts on the rest of the draft:

(1) The Texans got Mamula’d. They fell in love with Mario Williams’s size/athletic ability to the point that they didn’t care that his college career was based around 3–4 sack games against bad teams. The highlight package ESPN showed of him after was drafted just showed him beating the same defensive tackle 4 times.

(2)Reggie Bush’s first game will be a Monday Night Football game, which is also the first MNF game on ESPN. Did ESPN bribe Houston to not take Bush?

(3) Is it too early to start referring to Vince Young as Akili II?

(4) Jay Cutler: You couldn’t pick him out of a line up of 1. He’s the male equivalent of Ann from Arrested Developemnt.

(5) Matt Lienert fell to a team with a Pro-Bowl running back, 2 really good young WR’s, a QB that has about a 7% chance of making it through the season healthy--and a team that plays in a division with the 49ers and Rams. Am I the only one that sees him having a ROY type season by coming off the bench in week 6 when Warner goes down and the Cards are 2-4, then leading the Cards to an 8-8 record falling 1 game short of the playoffs?

(6) Packers FB Henderson: Fantastic interview and analysis (aside from the part where he messed up the name of his team). Well spoken, well organized thoughts, interesting points, could back up everything he says. In short, someone who would make a fantastic in-studio guy. Has zero chance of getting a job with ESPN.

(7) Ray Lewis’s interview: Loud, crazy, and incoherent. He’ll have his own show on ESPN--plus, regular appearances on Sportcenter--the moment he retires.


Anonymous said...

Uh, along with Akili's gazelle-like legs, he had a cannon of an arm. Vince Young doesn't have that (or I haven't seen it.) It remains to be seen if Young has Akili's ten-cent head.

DM said...

Remind me again - how many national championships did Akili Smith win? I've lost track of all the hardware that guy accumulated.

Anonymous said...

Love William "Big Stiffy" Henderson. Smart, funny, poised, and probably the most underrated guy at the position in years. Makes Mack Strong look like Paris Hilton in the publicity department. Great blocker, decent runner, and great, great hands. Can't understand why the Packers haven't used him more. Easily my favorite Packer.

Didn't know he was doing draft coverage, or I'd have TiVo'd it. Glad to see him getting some national pub.

Galley Bro may be right that he's too smart for ESPN. Look what they did to Sterling Sharpe to get Michael Irvin on board. Ye gods.

Anonymous said...

The Iggles are back - Bay-bee!

I've been watching the NFL Draft for 20 years and been an Eagles fan even longer, and this is the best I've ever felt after it was over. Great pickups in need areas. Now if Reid will just run the ball more we'll win the division again.

Anonymous said...

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