Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hocus Cadabra!

Much to everyone's relief (and I know you were all worried sick about him!), master illusionist David Blaine is no longer in a fish tank in Lincoln Center. Last night, divers rescued Blaine, who had failed to free himself after holding his breath for some seven minutes (the record is 8 minutes 58 seconds). Associated Press described the magician as emerging from the tank "weak and wrinkly" and suffering "liver damage, pins and needles in his feet and hands, some loss of sensation and rashes...."

Well, it could have been worse. Remember that stunt Blaine tried to pull a few years ago, when he was entombed in a block of ice? A cleaning woman had been vacuuming around him when she accidentally ran over one of his vital cords. In the immortal words of the New York Post: Ouch! Snafu tugs iceman's catheter


Anonymous said...

Liver damage? WTF? Is this permanent?

Anonymous said...

One can only hope.

Brian Moore said...

To think we mortals damage our livers through the workaday magic of drinking, though the illusions of beauty it produces are far more enticing than anything Blaine has done. At least until breakfast.

And at the risk of seeming excessively quotidian about Blaine's talents, exactly what "illusions" has he created?