Monday, May 01, 2006

United 93 Wrap-Up

After much speculating, we now have the results--and they aren't good for New Line and United 93. Forget that the movie finished the weekend with only $11.6M; forget that it debuted in third place against very weak competition with no genre overlap. Here's the most damning stat:
United 93 per theater avg. $6,465
Stick It per theater avg. $5,522

Stick It, you'll recall is the gymnastics version of Bring It On, only without Kirsten Dunst or the advertising support.

After trying all last week to find a model for United 93, Brandon Gray now notes that it did perform very much like a recent release: Syriana.

This isn't a disaster for New Line--United 93 will probably wind up with a solid gross, particularly considered next to its $15M budget. But it does suggest that audiences, for the most part, had little desire to revisit this story. We'll see in August with Oliver Stone's World Trade Center whether or not that attitude extends to all things 9/11.


Anonymous said...

So your earlier razor-sharp analysis was really just pulling it out of your ass? Face it, you were just guessing. Kinda like your King Kong analysis from many months ago.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing it came in third but every dollar amountI see shows it as second to RV by about 4.8M on fewer than half the screens. This wasn't a great weekend box-office-wise for anyone. Plus it had the highest per screen average. I think this bodes well. Keep the faith JV.
Mpls, MN

Reel Fanatic said...

I sure wish it could have beaten out that crapfest known as RV for the top spot, but a strong second-place finish and per-screen average will hopefully convince those hollywood hacks we can stomach important, hard-hitting movies at any time of the year

Bizarro Jack said...

I just know you're going to cave in and start talking about politics again, any minute now.

arrScott said...

... But it took the 9/11 report a whole month just to reach $6.3 million in retail sales! United 93 is a blockbuster by comparison.

I wonder how many people there are with my attitude. I really want to see United 93. But I also really do not want to have to watch it. The September 11 attacks are still a pretty fresh psychic wound for me. American 77 flew low over my house about a minute before it hit the Pentagon that morning. Thank heavens no one I knew died, but I know plenty of people, local police folks at the Pentagon, who could have been killed, and a couple of old professional acquaintances in Boston are alive today only because odd accidents kept them off the flights. It takes very little to bring back to the surface the emotions of that morning, the shock and anger and the fear, when the local telecom system was down, the radio was reporting bombings in downtown DC, and though I was safe I couldn't reach my wife in the District.

Why would I want to put myself in a small dark room with a bunch of strangers to relive something so painful when I'm perfectly capable of calling the trauma to mind anyway? So as much as I really want to have seen United 93, I can't yet bring myself to watch it. Maybe in a few weeks; I hope it's still around. But for now, I actually have less anxiety at the thought of getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow than I did when considering watching United 93 last weekend.

Anonymous said...

arrscott: I agree. I should see it but I probably won't. In addition, this won't help my fear of flying.