Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Big Edit

In the course of an otherwise unremarkable interview about Poseidon, Wolfgang Petersen gives this fun tidbit:
WOLFGANG PETERSEN: I like post-production, but always my favorite is shooting the movie. I mean, the shoot is so... high adrenaline! I love that! I love that very much. In post-production... this time was especially interesting and enjoyable for me because, with my editor, we figured out a new system how to cut the film by pure luck. One of our rooms in our old editing facilities was an old editing room that was not used anymore. They used it just for storage. The editor came up with the idea to clean the whole room up and turn it back into a screening room with a 2k digital projector connected to Avid, which he put in the screening room, to be projected.
So, whatever he cut was, right away, up on the big screen. He could see it on his small monitor and I could see it on the big screen. Whatever he did. So, I could cut the film on the big screen.

We're a long way from the days of marking individual cells and splicing film.

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Anonymous said...

That post was so high adrenaline! I love that!