Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Puffy Chair

Is it the Gen-Y Clerks? Hard to say, but The Puffy Chair looks kind of fun and extra-super angsty.

If only the story didn't sound so linear. When will American independent cinema finally shake free the shackles of narrative storytelling?


Anonymous said...

sgdorzxI saw this at a film fest last year. It's a quiet, smart, fantastic movie about a relationship disintegrating over the course of a road trip -- but what really makes it work is the way it captured some of the sort of in-joke shorthand that long-term couples have in a way I'd never quite seen captured on film.

It also offers both perspectives on an f-ed up relationship in an even-handed way that I didn't see in, say, "The Break-Up" last night.

Really smart movie. Well worth checking out.

freethoughtguy said...

I watched "The Puffy Chair" recently, enjoyed it much better than that other mainstream movie about "The Break-Up."