Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ted Rall for President

Just kidding. What I find funny about Rall's latest tantrum (which sounds unsettlingly like Mike Kinsley's rant on the same topic) is that Rall assumes that actual Democrats agree with him.

Everyone caught up in this monstrous Red / Blue divide misses, I think, the essential point: Only a very tiny percentage of Americans would have found themselves rendered incontinent by either result last Tuesday. Most Republicans would have been fine, if unhappy, with a Kerry presidency. Just as most Democrats are, I suspect, fine, if unhappy, with Bush's reelection. What Rall and Kinsley and the rest of the leftist hysterics don't understand is that 48 percent of the country doesn't actually agree with them on anything more than the narrow preference for Kerry over Bush. Most of the 48 percent of Americans who voted for Kerry aren't going to leave the country, don't hate their Republican-voting neighbors, and don't think the world is coming to an end.

The Rall-Moore-Kinsley left is a much, much tinier minority than they suppose.


Anonymous said...

I think Rall's is far, far worse than Kinsley. Rall actually thinks he's smarter than Red Staters; goodness me! Kinsley has far more irony in his essay, Rall's just pitching it straight down the middle.

Anonymous said...

Americans come in every configuration imaginable. Anyone who believes that we fit nicely into two completely separate ideological groups is just plain ignorant. Our system creates a choice between two people. Those two competing people take opposite viewpoints on virtually every issue to try and make the choice more black and white. The winner is always the one who identifies the key issue that MOST Americans are currently concerned with; and either takes that position or is of the party that traditionally holds that position. In my opinion that's where the real difference between these groups lies. Conservatives tend to hold their positions and ideologies and are associated with them. Liberals are in constant search of public opinion to tell them what to do and can't convincingly co-opt the conservative high ground. This election was about our beliefs on: Marriage, Values, Leaders of the Free World, Liberty, and Democracy. With these the key topics of concern, conservatism wins.

Anonymous said...

I sent Rall an email after I heard that he was dropped by the Washington Post as a cartoonist. On his blog he had a link encouraging people to email them in support of him. Just for kicks, I'll post my email, and Rall's reply to me here.

Me to Ted:
Subject: Thanks Ted

Hey, thanks for the link to the Washington Post. I emailed them supporting their decision to drop you. It didn't occur to me to write them until I read your blog.

Anyway, now that I know you exist, I'll keep reading your blog occasionally. It does my heart good to see you wearing your pain on your sleeve as you do. It's good of you to be so open, letting those of us who like and support Bush and were shocked and angered by the incredible lies and horseshit spewed by people like you, know that you guys are suffering. I know you're sad about the fact that no matter how many times you say that Bush and his supporters are stupid, it won't magically become true. Alas. It's good that you've never read the Bard's Hamlet, and so don't know about the Protesting Lady Syndrome. Otherwise you might start to get a clue about what you're revealing about yourself. But, as they say, stupid people never learn, as you demonstrate so well.

Thanks for the yuks. And please, don't change.

your fan,

Ted's response to me:

> People like you are encouraging lots of creative people--including conservatives--to avoid posting online content.
> Nice job, fascist.

I'm now working on my reply to this. But, I have to say, it's fun pushing his buttons. He's really quite a dope.